1. – All trash in customer-owned cans or containers must be bagged with a weight not exceeding 30 pounds – we also suggest tying bags closed & not over-loading the bags to help keep them from spilling as we take them to our truck – loose/unbagged trash & overweight items are not safe for our crews & will not be picked up
  2. – Routes can begin as early as 5:00 AM & are typically complete by 7:00 PM – we ask that you have trash available for pickup during this period
  3. – Volume limits for each pickup:
    1. 1 Cart service – 1 full blue cart
    • 2 Cart service – 2 full blue carts
    • 3 Cart service – 3 full blue carts
    • Dumpster service – level-full dumpster
  4. NOTE 1: Trash must be non-hazardous & acceptable at all licensed disposal facilities/landfills – CANNOT BE ACCEPTED: radioactive, bio-hazard, or medical wastes, medical sharps, tires of any size, household chemicals, etc.
  5. NOTE 2: All trash picked up must be compactible (household trash that can be smashed) – items that cannot be smashed have the potential to damage our equipment & will not be picked up (bricks, rock, masonry, concrete, dirt, metal, lumber, furniture, tree trunks, etc.)
  6. NOTE 3: Any volume above the limit is considered “overage” & may not fit in the truck for its assigned route. Please notify the office at least 24 hours in advance of your route day if you anticipate overage & the staff can verify with the route crew that space is available & charge your account according to the additional volume required
  7. – Trash cans/carts/dumpsters should be placed close to main roads
    • Our trucks are large, heavy, wide, & tall
    • Some roads & driveways are not designed to accommodate our trucks
  8. – Property access issues can affect our ability to service your account
    • Muddy or wet conditions
    • Narrow roads or driveways
    • Overgrown trees or bushes
    • Low powerlines
    • Locked gates
    • Vehicles blocking access
    • Aggressive or threatening animals or pets
  9. – Our drivers are dispatched with electronic route books that record their speed & location as well as their completion of each pickup to ensure we are providing safe, efficient, & timely services (please notify our office promptly, however, if you believe you were missed)
  10. – We send out bills on the 10th of each month with payments due on the 30th of each month
  11. – Late fees are applied to outstanding balances on the 5th of each month
  12. – Late payments may result in service interruption, so we require that all late payments be made at least 1 business day prior to your service day to avoid any service interruption
  • – Trash drop-off availability:
    • Muskogee Office is CLOSED for trash drop-off services
    • Quinton Office is CLOSED for trash drop-off services
    • We are not currently offering recyclables pickup or drop-off services
  • – Secure & NO FEE bill payment options:
    • Online at WWW.HERRINGSHAW.COM (Billpay option in the upper corner)
    • Over the phone with credit or debit card by calling 918-687-4133
    • ACH debit from bank account
    • In-person
      • Muskogee Office
      • 3221 E Hancock St
      • Muskogee, OK 74403
      • Quinton Office
      • 31298 W Hwy 31
      • Kinta, OK 74552
    • NOTE: We suggest NOT using third-party web billpay services (such as doxo.com) because they charge you a fee to pay your bill & mail us a check after you have paid them, which can result in significant delays in payment arrival & application to your account – all of our billpay options are SECURE & NO FEE
  • – Holidays:
    • We run normal routes on all holidays except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, & New Year’s Day
    • All routes affected by holidays will be run on the next business day when possible