Residential Cart Service

We pickup weekly with 1 or more carts to fit your specific needs. Carts are tipped by our trucks to increase crew safety & help keep the cart cleaner.


Commercial Dumpsters

Whether for a large household, a home-based business, or a commercial property, you can choose a commercial rear-load or front-load dumpster for your service (sizes range from 2-cubic-yards to 8-cubic-yards). We can pickup bi-weekly, weekly, or multiple times per week. Not all services available in all areas, so please check with our office for additional details. NOTE: all materials must be compactible (no lumber, bricks, rock, masonry, concrete, etc.).


On-call & Roll-off Dumpsters

Our roll-off dumpsters are for larger projects (10-cubic-yards up to 40-cubic-yards) & are designed to handle non-compactible materials (as long as there is not excessive weight or volume).

Lots of options for your convenience:

You can access your account online through our ONLINE BILLPAY section to check your service schedule, pay an invoice, setup auto-draft, or save a card for future use. We also accept cash, checks, & can setup ACH payments.

Restrictions for all services:

We are unable to accept radioactive materials, hazardous materials (HAZMAT), biohazards/sharps, household hazardous wastes (HHW)/chemicals, fuels/oils/lubricants, explosive/flammable materials, ammunition, acidic/caustic/reactive materials, liquid paint, bottled liquids, tires, or anything deemed hazardous or dangerous by our industry standards. Please ask if you have questions!

Next Steps…

We look forward to hearing from you! Please call us (918-687-4133) or click “Send us a message” & we will get back with you promptly! Thank you!